It might be difficult to buy snake venom in our days as this product is in short supply. This is especially true for rare species. However, shopping with us, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need for your future groundbreaking discoveries. Unlike other suppliers, Pelus Pharmacy offers a reasonable snake venom price to support the scientific community in their activity.

Due to a huge amount of biologically active components, snake poison is used for numerous purposes, including:

Cancer treatment: the toxins contained in the venom are used to eliminate cancer cells and prevent those from growing further;
Cosmetology: some ingredients of the product can provide anti-aging effect and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines;
Heart disease treatment: it can prevent strokes and treat their consequences by breaking up the clots;
Neurological disorders: certain compounds of the venom have shown positive results to treat Alzheimer’s disease;
Potent painkiller: the protein in the snake poison called Ohanin was utilized to create an effective painkiller, which is 20 times stronger than morphine but has any side effects.